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Hate divides. It is the ultimate toxin. The sicknesses it spawns — bigotry, intolerance, racism — affect everyone in our country. Women most of all.

But hate also unites. It bonds us together, we find each other, we grow louder, and reach a pitch that must be heard.

Women Against Hate United By Love is a collaborative, traveling art exhibition and multi-step “anti-hate” campaign united against bigotry, intolerance and racism. Its creative building blocks are stories — powerful, tough, revealing stories told by women working to dismantle systems of injustice and oppression, and encourage humanness.

Although much has been done, we’re still getting started… a seed planted and wanting to grow. We need the love and support of many courageous women and men to help give birth and define the course for this newly launched initiative seeking to create spaces for radical, soul-bearing honesty and compassion, and make change happen.


Women Against Hate United By Love has created a unique and powerful traveling art exhibition which is in the process of being scheduled for “gallery” showings around the state in cooperation with local organizations and interfaith groups. Using the art exhibition as a platform for gathering and discussion, these local partners will assist in arranging community events in exhibition spaces and issue a call to action. Through sponsored workshops and panel discussions Women Against Hate United By Love will allow attendees the opportunity to ask questions, engage in community conversation, and learn how to become involved. This is art in action!

With the help of many strong and determined women and men, Women Against Hate United By Love aspires to work in a coordinated effort, aligning with women and partnering organizations throughout Wisconsin – increasing awareness, building communities, and creating change.

Please join us in this formative stage. “Women Against Hate” needs substantial action.

We need you!


Kelly Parks Snider, Rachael Griffin, J. Leigh Garcia


Markasa Tucker, Janan Najeeb, Astar Herndon, Shantel Carson, Bridget Piggery, Keisha Robinson, Marcela Garcia, Basha Harris, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Guadalupe Romero, Freya Nuemann, Livia Rowell-Ortiz, Kathy Flores, Tammie Xiong, Maikue Vang, Jane Bartell, Dana Schultz, Dr. Bola Delano Oriaran, Amy Ongiri, Norys Pina, Dr. Sabrina Robins, Jacklyn Velasquez, Jessica Cavazos, Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Tracy Williams-Maclin.


The Brico Fund, Arts in Action, We Are Many United Against Hate, Milwaukee Muslim Coalition, Wisconsin Voices, 9 to 5, Voces de la Frontera, Diverse and Resilient, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, ACLU, Hmong American Women Association, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Monroe Street Framing, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, Arts +Literature Laboratory, Midwest Enviromental Advocates, Unidos por Futuro Mejor Fox Cities, Latino Chamber of Commerce of Dane County. 

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