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Seeds of Time was the culminating event of Amy Franceschini's Spring 2016 Interdisciplinary Arts Residency and was held on Friday April 22, 2016 at James Madison Park and Gates of Heaven. While in residence, Amy taught a semester-long course on interdisciplinary social art in public places, titled "Ecology of Research: Seeds of Time." This course was dedicated to research connected to a year-long seafaring journey that Franceschini and her collaborative, Futurefarmers, embarked upon in September 2016. Seeds of Time at the Gates of Heaven provides a window into the range of topics explored during this semester long course. Students worked individually and collaboratively to create an arc of experiences that express their personal research as it relates to Seed Journey. J. Leigh Garcia led a square dancing performance.


Franceschini's residency was sponsored by the Arts Institute, hosted by the UW-Madison Art Department and co-sponsored by Design Studies, Horticulture and Community and Environmental Sociology Departments. Photography credit: Aliza Rand

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