Women Against Hate United in Love

For more information please visit our We Are Women Against Hate website.


Kelly Parks Snider, Rachael Griffin, Leigh Garcia


Collaborating Activists:  

Markasa Tucker, Janan Najeeb, Astar Herndon, Shantel Carson, Bridget Piggery, Keisha Robinson, Marcela Garcia, Basha Harris, Christine Neumann- Ortiz, Guadalupe Romero, Freya Nuemann, Livia Rowell-Ortiz, Kathy Flores, Tammie Xiong, Maikue Vang, Jane Bartell, Dana Schultz, Dr. Bola Delano Oriaran, Dr. Amy Ongiri, Norys Pina, Dr. Sabrina Robins 


Collaborating Partners:

The Brico Fund, Arts in Action, We Are Many United Against Hate, Milwaukee Muslim Coalition, Wisconsin Voices, 9 to 5, Voces de la Frontera, Diverse and Resilient, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, ACLU, Hmong American Women Association, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Monroe Street Framing.