Artist Statement

     As a seventh generation Texan and descendent of cattle farmers, my ancestral connection to Texas land has led me to an investigation of the ethics and environmental impact of my southern American culture. Issues such as the way we process food, commodify nature, and manipulate our environment for mass consumption cause me curiosity and grave concern for our current and future environment.  These issues, therefore, serve as my conceptual framework. Through printmaking, I aim to inform viewers of contemporary environmental issues.

     Printmaking’s historical connotation as a media utilized to spread political information correlates well with my work’s politically and environmentally charged subject matter. Aesthetically, my prints use colors found in nature and rely heavily on texture to revere nature’s beauty. Relief woodcuts are used extensively in my prints because of the matrix’s natural origins and resulting organic texture: even when using other media such as screen printing and lithography, textures found in nature are key to my work. Symbolism–often of plants and animals–is of even greater importance to my prints because it is imperative to creating an easily read dialogue. Strong imagery is meant to capture the viewer’s attention and aide them in thinking critically about environmental and political problems.  

     Through the use of replicable media, organic textures, and symbolism, my prints shed light on contemporary environmental and political issues while questioning our contribution to these serious problems.